• Max Cisneros

The Idea(virus)

“Encourage everyone to be a Puto”

     The intent isn’t to make everyone gay. But to spread the good word. The grand ideavirus. An ideavirus is an idea worth spreading. A powerful thought you want to share. As the world becomes more connected humans can connect in meaningful ways to use computers to better understand each other and avoid conflict. The Internet of things can provide a Dictionary of Everything which can define our universe. As we ask more of our technology we can find new ways to trust humans with said technology. That’s where open source & Google offer some solutions. Now, we need an idea or a program to process all our dictionary definitions and connect these networks of trust all over the web. That is PutosPeace.org

The ideavirus is Putos Peace. The idea is that when humans choose to treat humans & all entities of earth well. To affirm that with every human choice we can actively prevent suffering, increase opportunity and expand knowledge. These monumental ideas have the power to affect every aspect about the way we will live forever. Putos Peace hopes to make these choices clear. To make our bits of information useful. And to make sense of our place in the (multi)universe.

If the question is ‘How can we bring about world peace?’ My answer is ‘Become a Peaceful Puto’


gmail – putos@putospeace.org

#PoliticalUnity #politics #society

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