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One way to stop a terrorist

          The first step to stop terrorism, is to see all terrorism. Last week I was having a strange conversation with a woman about human reactions to events like the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Somewhere in our chat I started to see a new view of reality & it fed my hunger to write. Even if the woman didn’t see my view. The heart hurting horrors in Boston & in Baghdad feel too common in my scope of reality. Still, I remain optimistic. Truth is, I’ve procrastinated writing about this kaleidoscopic view both because it keeps evolving & I’m afraid of being mistakenly read. But I can’t let this fear hold my thoughts back. No matter how clear or simply I construct my words, not everyone will be pleased. By all means I should still enlighten & listen to my co-blind human, I just can’t stress about hypersensitivity. I know that my truth can be harsh on modern lives. I say my truth because it’s my vantage you read & that woman showed me that some humans will simply not appreciate my logic or find good reason in my thoughts. I write this not simply because of the events themselves yet because we humans use wiser heads when we bother to ponder the panorama of perspectives & possibilities. The more views of life you see, the better chance you have of seeing the right ones. By many views the midweek of April 2013, was a dark time. I see life & joy as well. That week my sister finally had her baby, Selena K Colon. Also in New Zealand the government passed & now recognizes equal marriage. These events make me happy. And I’m sure it isn’t hard to find something that can make you happy. For many, our problems are simply rooted with narrow vision. Our perspectives drive the way we see the world. One strong (possibly blinding) value I observe is an intense dislike of violence. From an invading army or a madman with a suspicious backpack, to me murder is murder. I see any killing of humankind as significantly wrong & looks to me like we’ve been killing each other for years. Human violence did not solve the problem of violent humans. One bogus logic could even suggest that these suspected murders possibly carried out this violence out of love for the weak & frustration over the oppressed. I don’t know why these killings happened. Obviously, I’m no expert. I will politely state, that a society which comfortably uses organized violence as a solution to it’s problems may see bloody acts of insanity & desperation as a response. Again, I’m no expert. In my view, excluding self-defense it’s difficult to see any vision in which violence is OK. And here is where I lost that woman yet found this new sight. She asked me if I thought ‘Americans should just allow themselves to be blown up’ She didn’t see, yet nevertheless I continued to civilize her view. I simply claimed that if we cared about peace, why should we still use violence. We can choose to be like those assholes & see a world where political murder (terrorism) is OK. Or we can choose to maximize our perspective. To stop looking down the narrow path of military violence (terrorism). To finally listen to our  fellow blind human & to focus on the right scope towards a peaceful world. To see terrorism not as a race or a religion, but as something we all do. As an evil act we can all stop.

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