• Max Cisneros

Obama Kills Justice & Osama

Jubilation over someone's death is immediately a bad sign. Yes, even for Osama Bin Laden. The US government killed the alleged leader of Al Qaeda without a trial or due process. And it's deeply unfortunate that the US public celebrates these indecent actions. What the fuck gives them the right?

Regardless of why you believe this war of terror started, we can all agree that it will continue well after this latest "victory". The mistakes that assisted someone like Bin Laden to gain such influence & infamy are still happening. Bin Laden gave a voice to distressed Muslims who felt afraid & helpless in the face of US military ambitions. And the rest of us have allowed the US government to spy, oppress, kidnap, torture and kill voiceless poverty stricken populations around the world. #Shame

Last night instead of offering an olive branch to Bin Laden's supporters or even Muslims around the world, I saw the american President stroke himself, the press and the public. I assume he will be stroking well into his reelection.

My hope is that the Peace Prize President can extend a means for the desposeed around the world to resolve their grievances without resorting to violence. Otherwise I suspect many more jihadists will emerge possibly even worse than Bin Laden.


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