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Mis-Underestimated Voter Power

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Your power matters

Do not underestimate the power of the United States voter. The decisions & events that shape our world mostly happen in the US. We live in one of the most advanced & multi-culturally free societies that ever existed on earth. If there was ever a time to enjoy politics. Now is that time. Unfortunately, many voters don’t believe in the power of politics, so their agency goes unused. One thought I often hear is that politicians are all the same, that they make amazing promises. And whether intentionally or not, almost never deliver. I thought this way too. But politics is not that simple or that complicated.

If the democrats & the republicans are all you know about US political thought, then of course your gonna feel ignored & lost. I’ve been listening to politics since 1998. In that time I’ve realized that there is little difference between the two major political institutions. I’ve learned how both parties perform & interact in a way, that look active & busy but lack any real productivity that makes life better for everyday Americas. They poke at peoples fears, hopes, loves & hates as ways to divide communities & frustrate voters. I have seen these sly machines of emotional manipulation at work. I’ve notice how they fuel apathy & despair into the political process. And I imagine that’s the point. To rob voters of their political power. Keep voters from forming an original opinion & using their voice. If you feel politics is not for you, then congratulations! According to the news establishments like Fox News, MSNBC or CNN, that’s how your suppose to feel. Yay!

The complicated truth is that politicians are not all the same. Freedom and choice is hard work. It is up to you to find out who’s actually running, to listen to some speeches and debates, to visit their websites & form your own opinion before you enter the voting booth. It is your American responsibly to figure out what the nations problems are & decide who is best equipped to envision and build solutions. Without including dumb & dumber there are 22 men & women running for president of these United States in 2012.

Virginia National Guardsman Virgil Goode was a democratic congressman for 12 years. He switched to the Republican party in 2000. Now, he is the Constitution party presidential nominee. 

Jill Stein is a Massachusetts physician who's been arrested twice this election year protesting both corrupt home foreclosures & her exclusion from the presidential debates. She is the Green Party nominee. 

Gary Johnson was the governor of New Mexico for eight years as a republican. A fitness & health nut, Johnson got into a near fatal paragliding accident in 2006. He used medical marijuana for the pain and now support medical weed. Johnson is the Libertarian Party nominee. To name a few...

These politicians are not all the same. When you hear about these public figures long enough you begin to recognize their positions and recall their lies. Yes many politicians make amazing promises & sometimes they actually deliver on those promises. So, I’m not so pessimistic....

The simple truth is that technology & global forces of supply & demand connect humans like never before. This is a good thing & a really bad thing. It is a good thing because every election day we are in a unique position to affect the entire world. Other then the everyday choices we make like what to eat, buy & watch (a power all its own).

But in the United States voters are more directly given a means of changing global forces. Our worldly ties could also be a bad thing because we can make things with our lives that hurt many humans elsewhere on earth, like a war or through the market place. These are our burdens. But politics is not a mere obligation. It is a right to be celebrated and most importantly to be put into practice. The establishment political institutions won’t talk about your power as an American voter the way I do. Clearly we don’t underestimate your power. And neither should you.

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