• Max Cisneros

Loss & Suffering


     Humans can have an amazing ability to move forward. Sometimes one of the hardest emotions we choose to suffer is the pain of loss. Loss of life, of a friend, of a feeling, loss of a flight. Basically, loss of purpose or worth. It can be easy to attach your positive attitude (heath or inner-peace) to something or someone else. That way we don’t really have to look inside & just be cool with ourselves. ‘if this fool loves me then I must be doing something right.’ I could be wrong, though.

It took me some pain to better understand that anyone must first love oneself in order to loves others. Because when you understand yourself well enough you can be in a better position to understand and love others. I know and feel this now mostly because of one human and one relationship. From what I have seen in my life it is rare when two humans fully commit to each other (in their way) and hardly deal with issues like which one loves the other the most. Yes, discuss values perhaps but not quantity of love. For a brief moment two people can bond their attachments to each other fully and totally understand mutually that; ‘No matter what we do, think or say; ‘we will always love each other.’ That is some powerful stuff. Cherish it when you can, man.

People do come and go from each others lives, it happens often. Still that brief moment could last a lifetime. For only one, both or more. Ultimately, it is our choice to struggle & move forward. We can choose to suffer in love or rejoice in love. Even not to love at all. Our emotional attachments can make life nicer in the mean parts. They also have the power to make life very sad in nearly all parts. If that is what we choose to see, feel, & believe. Make your life easier for people to enjoy, share & even copy. The more you trust and give yourself to others, sometimes someone else notices and does the same in turn. The love that lasts the longest has some of the strongest attachments, struggles & fighters. Thanks.


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