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Emancipation of Information

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           In everything I try & seek out liberty as my core value. So when I look at information & how humans use information technology I must say that secrecy is really racist slavery. OK, well before I get real inflammatory allow me to admit that I myself have problems letting go. My brain continues to struggle with the idea that philosophy has been outpaced or killed by science. So I can empathize with humans who cling to concepts like the privacy of information, foreign espionage or copyright ownership. In my mind the whole concept of controlling the privacy of personal information has past & gone. To be blunt, privacy is dead. It died when you got your first email address. The social explosion that is the Internet replaced privacy & humans continue to click on. The Internet can connect humans & open information like never before. It is often said that “the Internet is the largest single engineering effort ever created by mankind.” If this means everyone can know everything about my life then I say good riddance to privacy. Truth is the more we learn & reveal about each other the better people we become. Like when “foreigners” itself is seen as another dying concept. The Internet transcends borders & societies. Indeed the web washes borderlines away while bridging cultures & uniting societies. All with just information. Content. Bits. Ones & zeros, man.

Now in the world at large many humans believe keeping secrets can avoid calamity & uncertainty. That some information is so dangerous we must control the bad information from falling in the wrong hands. Or worse (and racist I think) that foreign information somehow matters less & should be subject to spying & censorship. I believe this is a very dangerous idea, fore information by it’s very existence (just like humans) should be free. The danger is that humans have tried many times in the past (& present) to oppress the liberty of information (& humans). Those that witness this enslavement of liberty learn that knowledge is safer than ignorance. That fear of information creates more bad guys not less. Plainly written, top secret privacy cannot protect you from bad guys. Top secret privacy cannot protect bad information from the bad guys & it shouldn’t. Top secret privacy is slavery because controlling information is an abomination of liberty. Liberty. My core value shows me that the free flow & accessibility of information (& humans) no matter where you are, is the right direction. It is better to move beyond the concept of spying on “ foreigners or others” & see information as global. Belonging to no one but accessible to everyone. The question we can ask ourselves is, “do we want tax payer funds used to spy, store & lock information away from other humans, where its controlled by a few?” or do we want all public information to be free. To help humans make the nation indeed the world a smarter better informed place. Yes, information can be harmful, but keeping it secret, owned or controlled because of fear or money is simply counterproductive. Emancipate your information because it’s safer, smarter & Lady Liberty says so.

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