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And The Best Category Is…

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Where can we focus?

Everyone likes to spotlight the acting or best picture categories. The Best Documentary Feature category is the real show (Watch the clip above if you don’t believe me). Introduced in 1943, this category is a helpful place to understand touchy topics and enjoy the latest in film innovation. Since 2010 the Academy has nominated subjects of modern war stress, natural gas fraking, mass wall street fraud (next clip), sustainability, eco-terrorism, middle eastern turmoil, military rape and surviving aids.

Thanks to Netflix I’m lucky to have seen all nominated documentaries, which never happens. This year the Academy’s nominated to debate the power of popular outrage. The art of personal sacrifice for love. The effects of revisiting a torturous past. The moral absolutes of covert war and the greatest backup talent you don’t know. Four of these films are still available on Netflix, including my favorite (last clip). I won’t bore you with my reviews but I will happily say this touchy topic tradition continues. Years from now this is the category that will best show how societies reflect & how they can change.

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