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By design our politics is intolerant and petty. For this reason, for all beings, acceptance has become a selection pressure. Accepting all homo sapiens as worthy fellow citizens of earth will be crucial to our survival. It is the hope which guides humanity towards the next stage of evolution. Right now we are the ones holding us back. Fear of the unknown and hate for the other are literally killing us. With respect to those willing to fight for liberty, violence is no resolution to conflict. In the past fear may have been a virtue but in 2014 we must get past our hostile politics and violent mentality.


values and somehow also be accepting of common values, at the same time, is finally an evolutionary advancement.


This changing environment is not a destruction of traditional communities but a rejuvenation of them. To block any human access into any community because of birth or race is tribal at best and backwards at worst. We should have fun with our open societies and see these changes as a journey towards something greater. Simpler and beautiful. 


fear won over acceptance. Too many times has prejudice dominated our politics. Too many times has ignorant violence risked the lives of others simply because we refuse to evolve. Two hundred years after discovering evolution some homo sapiens remain troubled about accepting our ape heritage. Many of us have moved beyond our ape family and are ready to accept all life’s organisms as the same stuff. Lions, trees, bacteria even planets and asteroids are all fellow star stuff.

To wrap up, no one race, one species, one genus, one human is better or the exact same as any other. We are all dynamic and worthy of modern rights. Acceptance is the new virtue. If only we could get past our petty bullshit and embrace our wonderful variety. Perhaps we can move on to become a more advance society with superior intelligence and some better politics.


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