What’s hood Norwalk?

So listen , you and I both know that the Norwalk Mayor Harry W. Rilling is a COP. He talks like a COP, he moves like a COP and like all other COPS he protects killer COPS.

Therefore nothing can be expected from these uptight useless city “leaders.” They see no real outrage in these streets so they don’t even have to pretend to care about past or future assassination's carried out by the

Norwalk, CT Police Department

. And they will happen. Because murders HAVE happened and nothing has been done about it...okay they did buy that pathetic community van. #UGotMe

My point here is that #JusticeForKudaAndShawn is a direct response to the relationship the city has with law enforcement and the courts. They kill, they hide information from the families to protect themselves and shamefully legitimize their police state violence through govt and police immunity.

If out of touch establishment Democrats put as much love into protecting black folks as they do towards gentrifying black and brown neighborhoods, or building totally unnecessary shopping malls for residents of Darien and Westport, or perversely disrupting whole sections of the city for a ridiculous walk bridge...If they dedicated just a little of that energy towards real police accountably then this event wouldn’t be happening on Wednesday.

But it is happening and I’ll see you there. For Kuda, for Shawn and all future unnecessary Norwalk police state murders of black and brown folks.






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